Winter Vacation

It was nice to spend a few weeks at home, but I am happy to be back at Oxford. I missed my little house on Cowley Road.

I think that I have had a productive break so far. I learned how to fry eggs and boil pasta, so I may actually use the kitchen on my floor now. I never realized how useful cooking your own meals could be.

I am a bit jet-lagged at the moment, so I am going to keep this post as brief as I can. A good friend of mine from high school is here to visit, so we plan on traveling for a few days. I hear Munich is a fun place to spend New Year’s Eve. I think the best way to travel is to buy a 7 day Eurail pass. The pass provides unlimited travel by rail throughout continental Europe, and it is reasonably affordable.

Looking forward to next term, I am excited to go to more Oxford Union events. Meeting J.J Abrams was a highlight of my term, and life in general. Also, I will try my best to go to more of the formal dinners at Mansfield.

It is good to be back.