Beating Cambridge and FA Cup Final

I made it to Cambridge for the first time last week for a tennis match. Our team played Cambridge’s 4th team, and I won my matches at second singles and first doubles. I won my singles 6-0 6-0. I am borderline untouchable on grass. Usually Oxford always loses in this fixture against Cambridge, so it was an amazing feeling knowing that I helped give the best university in England bragging rights over the second best university in England.

It was nice to have the opportunity to play high-level tennis this year.

I have also been playing for Mansfield in a university-wide tournament amongst the colleges. So far we have beaten Brasenose, St. Anne’s, and St. Edmund Hall. For such a small school, definitely not known for athletics, it is cool to be able to say that Mansfield is one of the top four tennis colleges at Oxford.

In other news, this past weekend my dad and I went to the FA Cup final in London. We are die-hard Chelsea fans, so it was great to see our team beat Manchester United.

A lovely day to watch Man U lose.
A couple of true blues at Wembley!

This weekend I am going to Germany for a few days, and then I have two very busy weeks before I fly home.

I probably will only have time to write one more blog entry after this one, so prepare to be overwhelmed with emotions in about two weeks.