Finding a Balance – Essays and Tennis

Just this morning I was on the phone with my mom and I realized that I have written 27 papers so far this year. Looking back, I remember thinking I was going to die after writing my first one. My roommates back at Holy Cross were texting me last night complaining about their final paper for one of their classes that needs to be around 3000 words, and it took a lot of strength on my part to not say something snarky like “I do that every week, jerk. Get over it.” I do not feel bad about writing this here because I have a feeling that they do not read my blog anyway. Sad!

My first paper in my Ethics tutorial caused a relatively heated debate between myself and my tutor. I have received good grades so far at Oxford, but I am a tad bit concerned with how I will be evaluated in this one. If you, the reader, tell someone who knows me that “Henry is struggling in his ethics class” they would probably chuckle and say that they are not surprised.

I am currently taking a break from writing a paper for my primary tutorial to write this blog. I resort to humor when I am overwhelmed/stressed. Hopefully you have found this funny so far. If not, I understand.

Henry “is funny” Harrs breaking the rules outside of Magdalen College.

I feel that I have hit my stride here at Oxford. Tennis practice three or four times a week keeps me in decent shape and in a better mood overall. It is a shame that I am only here for another five weeks.

In other news, I travel to Cambridge next Wednesday to play them in tennis. This is a practice outing before we play each other in the annual Varsity match in late June. Sadly, I go home before then so I cannot participate in that match. Though, that is certainly good news for Cambridge’s tennis team.