5th and 6th Week

Someone on the Oxford tennis team must have read my last blog because I was invited to play with the third team this past Friday. They must have enjoyed my spirited description of my encounter with the fourth team’s captain.

There are only two more weeks of Hilary term, and only two more papers to write. This is the point of the term where I am pretty fatigued and looking for motivation. On days like this I tell myself that if I manage to at least outline my paper and do all of the necessary readings, then I will buy myself Nando’s for dinner.

I plan on writing about the tutorials from this term during my vacation when I have a bit more free-time. But for now, here are some nice pictures that I have taken.

The path behind Merton College that leads to my history class.


My friend from high school came to visit. Here he is standing triumphantly under the Bridge of Sighs.
I plan on going inside the Radcliffe Camera for the first time later today.