Halfway Point – 3rd and 4th Week

With fourth week having been completed, I am now halfway done with my time at Oxford.

I have had plenty of incredible experiences here, and I have formed great memories. I have loved going to formal dinners, visiting the beautiful college buildings, and studying in many different and interesting libraries, but there have been difficult times as well.

Life on Cowley Road has its perks, but living so far away can be exhausting. People always recommend that you should buy a bike once you get here, but bikes get stolen all the time—just ask Brandon. While I personally enjoy the walk from Cowley to Mansfield, the road does get a bit dangerous later at night. I would always recommend that you walk with a friend once it gets late. And if you do decide to get a bike, be careful on the roads because they are quite busy, and make sure that you buy a good lock for it. But with all this being said, I am looking forward to the second half of the year.

I am playing on Oxford’s tennis team, and I am doing well in my tutorials. I am happy with how things are going.

Playing a sport adds great balance to life, in my opinion. Matt plays on Oxford’s  second team for football (soccer), which is amazing in itself, and I see how it positively affects the other aspects of his life.

I walked for over two and a half miles to take pictures of Matt playing soccer, but I got lost and missed his game.

I am currently on the men’s fourth tennis team because I joined the team midway through the year. I personally think I am too good to be on this team. I played the team captain in a match the other day and beat him ruthlessly and without mercy. My performance was a beautiful display of both power and grace. Hopefully, I will move up the ranks if I continue to perform well and remain kind and humble.

Other than that, not much is new. We had a “halfway” dinner for the visiting students and the second years at Mansfield on Wednesday night. After the dinner, awards were given. I thought the event was a bit frustrating because the students running the event created all of the awards and ended up giving the awards to themselves. Maybe I am just a sore-loser. I could have sworn that I would have won either “best-dressed” or “most likely to become a soulless investment banker.” Life goes on.


Close friends, Brandon and Tim, smiling and enjoying their friendship.