3rd and 4th Week

Week 4 is well underway. It is crazy to think that we are almost halfway done with Michaelmas term.

I just had my second secondary tutorial on Monday. In this course, I start by reading the paper that I have prepared out loud while the tutor listens and takes notes. (When preparing for the tutorial, It is good practice to read the paper to yourself to see if it sounds fluid.) After I finish reading, the tutor usually addresses places in the paper where I could have been more clear, and then we talk about the topic as a whole. A lot is squeezed into that one hour of the tutorial. It is a fun, yet slightly intimidating setting.

The work is exciting and time consuming, but I have found time to do some interesting things in my spare time.

A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I would take up chess in my free time. And in my last blog I mentioned my fondness of a local pub. Well, it turns out that this pub has a chess set, so I’ve been killing two birds with one stone recently.

Playing chess at Angel and Greyhound. I beat Tim 4 times.

Also, at the end of week 2 there was this event at Mansfield where we dressed up and drank champagne and ate chocolates. The formal events here have been very fun. I always enjoy an excuse to dress up and take pictures.

And last Saturday, I went to my first Oxford United football game. My season tickets are in the very top row, but it is such a small stadium that the view from the seats is still pretty remarkable. I am very excited for future home games.

An exciting game of lower league English football.

At some point I would love to join either a club sport or university team. At the end of the summer I picked up a slight injury, so I decided to give myself a few weeks to recover. I miss playing tennis, so hopefully I will be able to play soon.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!